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We can supply our guests with the freshest seafood prepared in unique and interesting ways since we have a fish market right in the café. Come in and try some of our local favorites and historical classics that have been around for almost a century.

Do you want to try something new and different? Then give one of our supper specials a try. These daily specials feature the freshest fish available that day.

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Come by Seagrape Seafood Market and take home some of the freshest seafood you can find! Our seafood is delivered fresh every day, ensuring you always get the freshest seafood available. We have a great assortment of local fish and shellfish on hand, as well as some international products.

We provide a broad assortment of whole fish, fillets, shellfish, and crustaceans, as well as shellfish and crustaceans.

Do you require assistance in making a decision? Our experts can offer experienced guidance on taste profiles and cooking methods that are most appropriate for your needs.